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The stated purpose and mission of the iWarrior Network is to:

Provide a diversified environment for Tax Honesty Movement (THM) enlightened individuals.

Afford such motivated and honest working individuals the opportunity to perform forward-moving research, while achieving positive learning, personal understanding, and development on the strict matters of constitutionalism, republicanism, and independence.

Forever retain objectivity, sans divisiveness.

Publish thorough, well written and researched articles, reports, and whitepapers.

Upkeep a complete and organized knowledgebase of data and information for public consideration, consumption, and distribution.

Always stand for something, so as to never fall for anything.

Welcome to



pressHouse is the designated "special projects" area of the iWarrior Working Group, serving to provide public awareness, clarity, and rationale on matters of federal income taxation and economics, so much as it applies to common or menial day-laborers seeking out a means of respectable livelihood and just competence.  Its mission is to dispel governmental propaganda and the common misunderstandings brought about by either the ambiguity of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) itself—including monetary policies—or by self-interested third-party individuals or groups.

pressHouse—Obsta Principiis

iWarrior HD

iWarrior HD supports a high performance environment for streaming visual documentaries and videos as well as member broadcasting sessions.  Member features such as: media catalogs, blogging, profiles, and photo albums are also available.

iWarrior HD—Knowledge Envisaged

Community: iWarrior

Community: iWarrior, applies dynamically driven multimedia-community forum software (phpBB3) to thus provide participating members a socially diverse environment for engaging discussions and fervorous debates over a variety of issues with emphasis on advancing one's personal conceptualization and understanding on matters of: libertarianism, republicanism, constitutionalism, common law, elitist authoritarianism, nationalistic federalism, globalist imperialism, eugenics and social controls, austerity and corporatism, Trotskyite statism, taxation and revenue, public law, ethics and humanity, logic and philosophy, etc.

Community: iWarrior—Project Your Independence


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